Our People

This is a list of the people behind the Professional Hypnotherapy Network with their contact details.

Business Development : Lindsay Shepherd

Lindsay is here to help our members operate, promote and develop their thriving hypnotherapy businesses

Lindsay Shepherd

As PHN Business Development Director, my role is to develop and grow the PHN  and to help our members to build a thriving and successful hypnotherapy practice. My background is in advertising and marketing, working on major TV and print advertising campaigns. This experience has helped me to build my own practice and to help therapists of all modalities to build their own businesses. I was runner-up in the Dorset Business awards for best Home Based Business in 2013.

I work full time in my Bournemouth based Hypnotherapy Practice. While I work with all types of issues, I have a special interest in working with obesity, habit reversal and working with children. I’m also a tutor with the Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis. My passion is to help my clients and students to reach their full potential in life.

I live by the sea, enjoy swimming in the sea even in winter and am a slow but enthusiastic runner!

Education : Adam Eason

School Principal and author Adam is responsible for helping our members develop their knowledge and skills

I have been in full-time clinical practice as a hypnotherapist since 1996 and have worked with more than 3000 individual clients for a very wide range of issues in that time. I am founder and principal of the Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis and the first hypnotherapist to feature on the panel of experts of the TalkHealth clinics in collaboration with NHS Choices.

I am the author of several highly regarded books on hypnosis including The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence-Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself and Hypnosis For Running, my audio programmes and apps sell globally and I have appeared on prime time TV on both BBC1 and ITV in the UK displaying my work. I broadcast one of the most highly respected and popular hypnosis podcasts in the world, interviewing experts, pioneers, academics and respected authors and engaging them in friendly, respectful debate, and my hypnosis blog and weekly hypnosis ezine are subscribed to and read by many thousands each week.

I am also a husband, father of two, a beach hut owner and an ultra-marathon runner.

Liaison : Etain McNulty

Our Liaison Officer manages our relationships with other organisations and bodies.

Etain McNulty

In my role as Liaison Officer, I am responsible for managing the relationship between the PHN and relevant third party organisations and am the point of contact in this regard. Having previously spent many years working in large organisations has helped with this role. My background also includes a BA Honours Degree in Philosophy and Politics and a Masters Degree in International Politics.

I currently live in Belfast, Northern Ireland where I have a thriving, full time Clinical Hypnotherapy practice. Having qualified with Adam Eason, I have gone on to develop a particular interest in using hypnotherapy to treat issues of both pain and anxiety. I now have experience in treating many different forms of anxiety and I take great pleasure in helping clients to move away from the constraints that anxiety brings with it.

I love the work that I do and am delighted to have joined the PHN in this capacity

Member Services : Tara Foulkes

Tara is our members' primary contact and is also there to advise and guide anyone interesting in becoming a member

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a MSc in Developmental Psychology.  I am interested in human behaviour, why we behave the way that we do. 

We are not taught about our brains or our mental health in School (yet!), or how to manage these effectively.  We don’t have an appreciation of the impact of what we / others say and how thoughts can affect our behaviour and well-being.  

Alloquor means “to speak / to encourage” and I set it up to combine my knowledge and experience and share what I have learned through my own journey and my love of education and research.  I operated a private practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy however, I noticed that the way people access support is changing.  Along with the fact that not everyone can afford one to one support therefore, I have tiered Alloquor towards online high quality research based e-Learning courses and group-work sessions delivered in a variety of settings

Research & Supervision : Sarah Mortimer

Sarah is the person to contact for information on research or supervision, advising our members and leading our team of supervisors

As Research & Supervision Officer, I am responsible for helping members develop their awareness and understanding of hypnosis research available to them through the International Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis to inform their practice.

In addition to this, I am responsible for ensuring that all members regularly attend supervision, meet their membership requirements, as well as support those wishing to set up peer support groups or become supervisors in their area. When a hypnotherapist stays up to date with the latest research and uses it to inform their practice, as well as attending regular supervision, everyone benefits – the client, the therapist, and the hypnotherapy profession as a whole.

I run a hypnotherapy practice in Bristol where I specialise in working with anxiety, phobias and sleep-related issues. I am also a classroom assistant on the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma run by Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Technical : Steve Baxter

A hypnotherapist with a background in IT, Steve offers technical advice to our members and takes cares of this website

As Technical Director my responsibilities cover the many technical aspects of the PHN including this website. As a practising Hypnotherapist I have personal knowledge of the challenges and rewards of starting, building and running an effective practice and bring that experience to this role.

My pre-hypnotherapy background is in IT as a software engineer, software team leader and department manager. I switched career after 35 years and started my successful Hypnotherapy practice in the Bromley/Orpington/Hayes Kent area. In my practice I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety and I have a particular interest in teaching clients self-efficacy and developing their thinking skills.

I live near Orpington, North-West Kent with my cellist wife and dog Jasper.