I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2012 and operated a private practice for a time specialising in treating clients with anxiety and related issues.

My background is in safeguarding children which I worked in for over 10 years, however, I knew that I was in the wrong role. Therefore, I gained my MSc. in Developmental Psychology and decided to merge all of my skills and qualifications to launch This is a service dedicated to sharing education and information on how you can get the best version of you; utilising hypnotherapy, knowledge and breathing techniques.

I have written “Control your anxiety forever” eLearning programme and I am currently writing a hypnobirthing programme. I also deliver motivational and educational training and group programmes on a variety of subjects utilising hypnotherapeutic methods.

I am a keen promotor in the clinical and scientific side of hypnotherapy and I look forwards to raising the profile of hypnotherapy in my role as Liaison Officer with the Professional Hypnotherapy Network.

Outside of work I am a married mum with twins. I have a keen interest in keeping fit and strong with a love of running and yoga. I am also a keen promotor of mindfulness, meditation and Reiki.