Member Services

Louise Phillips

I am an experienced and accredited cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist running a thriving full time practice in Surrey and West Sussex. I am passionate about hypnotherapy and work with my clients to manage and overcome a multitude of different conditions including addiction, anxiety, phobia, PTSD, Trauma and Chronic Pain.

I also have a special interest in hypnosis for improved sporting performance and work with a variety of athletes from various arenas of sport.

I discovered my passion for hypnosis whilst training with renowned Hypnotherapist Dr John Butler and have since undertaken further training at the Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis and West London University.

On my days off I love running and spending time relaxing with my family.

As Members Services Officer, I enjoy welcoming new members to the PHN and working with our existing members to help them to get the most out of their PHN membership.